2113. Frost Thorn II was born on 13 Jun 1850 in Nacadoches, TX. He died on 20 Jul 1876 in New York, NY. Frost Thorne II and William T. Garner operated a business in New York that netted Mr. Garner an income of approximately $2,000,000 annually according to the reports in the New York Times. Frost Thorne II left Yale University two years before the accident to join his brother in law in business. To illustrate the extent of their wealth, in the 1870's a penny purchased approximately what a half dollar does today.

Frost Thorne II left a widow, Lilly Davenport Thorne, and two children, Frost Thorne III b. 21 October 1875, and Marcellite Thorne b. 10 October 1874. Less than two years after the accident, Lilly Davenport Thorne died.

He was married to Lillian V. Davenport on 11 May 1873. Lillian V. Davenport was born in 1853. She died on 13 Jan 1878. Frost Thorn II and Lillian V. Davenport had the following children:

child+3025 i. Frost Thorn III.
child+3026 ii. Marcellite Thorn.