1111. Anthony Thorn was born on 27 Dec 1791 in Crosswicks, Burlington, NJ. He died on 20 Dec 1877. Anthony was a personal friend of the exiled King of Spain, Joseph Bonaparte. There are 2 striking portraits of Anthony Thorne, in the Anthony T. Thorne Family History.

He was married to Mary Sager on 8 May 1816. Mary Sager died on 14 Feb 1828. Anthony Thorn and Mary Sager had the following children:

child1787 i. Isaac Thorn was born on 11 Aug 1817. He died on 21 Apr 1899.
child1788 ii. John Sager Thorn was born on 1 Jan 1819. He died on 3 Feb 1831.
child1789 iii. Mary Ann Thorn was born on 19 Jan 1825. She died on 28 Feb 1825.
child+1790 iv. Ann D. Thorn.
child1791 v. Emeline W. Thorn was born on 1 Dec 1827. She died on 17 Aug 1828.

He was married to Phebe Robinson on 23 Nov 1828. Phebe Robinson was born on 12 Mar 1800. She died in May 1880. Anthony Thorn and Phebe Robinson had the following children:

child+1792 i. Margaret Thorn.
child1793 ii. Anthony Thorn was born on 26 Aug 1831. He died on 31 Aug 1832.
child+1794 iii. Mary Schooley Thorn.
child+1795 iv. Anthony T. Thorn.
child1796 v. Abia B. Thorn was born on 11 Dec 1836. He died on 22 Dec 1836.
child+1797 vi. Sophia F. Thorn.
child1798 vii. Caroline Thorn was born on 27 Mar 1840.
child1799 viii. Charlotte W. Thorn was born on 12 Aug 1843.