3718. Orvel Daniel Thorne was born on 1 Oct 1909 in Pendleton, Umatilla County, OR. He died on 27 Nov 1979. He was buried on 30 Nov 1979 in Olney Cemetery, Pendelton, OR. Services were held at Peace Lutheran Church, 30 Nov 1979 at 10:00 AM. Rev Arthur Baehmann officiated. The organist was Namoi Thorne & the vocalists were the Thorne nephews. Philip V. Thorne Notes:

My Cousin Carol Thorne-Holmes, tells of a Story about Her Father, Orvel that She learned from Her Uncle Lewie. As a Youngster He had a horse named FLYING JENNIE. Apparently He would jump on Jenny's back & race down Main Street riding through Town. He would race up to a Bluff over looking a river & He & FLYING JENNY would jump into mid-air, landing in the river below. This was during the Depression & as I understand it FLYING JENNY had to be sold. Understandably, young Orvel was upset & went looking for his horse but alas She had been sold to meat packers & all He found was Her decapitated head. According to Dorothy Thorne-Griffin, his nickname was PHIL.

Orvel Daniel Thorne and Ruthe Denison had the following children:

child+4508 i. Carol Dee Thorne.
child+4509 ii. Orvel David Thorne.