3707. Milford Elroy Thorne was born on 28 Apr 1910 in York, NE. He died on 15 Sep 1994 in York, NE. He was buried on 19 Sep 1994 in Greenwood Cemetery, York, NE. Philip V. Thorne Notes:

His nickname was MICKEY.

My Father & his Uncle Milford were inseparable as children, tho they were Uncle (MILFORD) & Nephew (VOYLE) , they were in the same age-group & my Father felt more of a Brother to Milford than Nephew or Friend. I have fotos of them as young men playing with guns.

I have very fond memories of visiting my Uncle Milford & Aunt Nellie, shooting my BeeBee gun with my Cousins , Roger, Gary, & Rickey.

I remember visiting with them while my Sister Shielah, was staying with Clifford & Bessie. Their Dtr Laurinda is the same age as Shielah. She remembers those visits very well.

We saw much more of Milford & Nellie because of My Dad's closeness with Milford. When I was a Kid We generally saw them a few times a year. My Dad just hated to travel so Milford & Nellie were always coming by with their Sons. We had a lot of fun.

He was married to Nellie Marie Cross (daughter of Oliver Cross and Vivian Mae Neel) on 30 Aug 1932 in Clay Center, Nebraska. Milford Elroy Thorne and Nellie Marie Cross had the following children:

child4488 i. Richard Elroy Thorne was born on 20 Aug 1934 in York, NE. He died on 3 Sep 1943 in York, NE. Died of Burst appendix. Nicknamed Rickey.
child+4489 ii. Roger Clair Thorne.
child+4490 iii. Gary Leon Thorne.
child+4491 iv. Rexford Miles Thorne.