3703. Herman Daniel Thorne was born on 28 Aug 1893 in York Co., NE. He died on 22 Jun 1960 in York, NE. Herman died of Cancer of urinary tract & bladder. He was buried on 25 Jun 1960 in Greenwood Cemetery, York, NE. Funeral was held at 2:00 PM. Buried Greenwood Cemetery, York. Section 12-52-B. He was ill with Cancer of urinary tract & bladder. Philip V. Thorne Notes:

. No children. SS No. 507-05-6151. Uncle Herman was a rather short & wiry many, having red hair & freckles. He was said to have had a fiery temper in his youth. One story has him walking down the sidewalk in Thedford, Nebraska, one Saturday afternoon. Thedford was near his ranch. As he strolled along a tall & lean cowboy walks up to him & hit him in the face, knocking him on his back in the street (from the sidewalk!). Herman jumped up, running back to the much larger cowboy & said "Let's see you do that a 2nd time" The other guy turned & ran off!! That is a true story.

Lumentie (Wyona) Smith was born on 2 Sep 1890 in Clearwater, Nebraska. She died on 6 Apr 1969 in Nebraska.