3. Joseph Thorne was born about 1642 in Flushing, Long Island, NY. He was buried in 1727 in Friends Cemetery, Flushing, NY. Original Friend's Cemetery, later moved to another site on LI. He died in May 1727 in Flushing, Long Island, NY. Abstracts of Unrecorded Wills, Vol XI, Prior to 1790, pages 60 & 61:

I, Joseph Thorne, of Flushing, in Queens County, being aged and indisposed. Being well advised with ye weighty concern I am now about. I leave to my son Benjamin, all my Plantation and homestead where I now live in Flushing, with all housing, orchards, and lands, and all my meadow and woodland. I leave to my wife Mary, the use of 1/2 of all lands and meadows, and 1/2 of all housing and orchards during her life. After he death I leave 1/2 to my son Benjamin and he is to pay legacies, viz.: To his brother Jacob, 100s, and to his brothers, Isaac, Thomas, and Abraham, 20s each. To my son Isaac I leave 5 shillings. I leave to my sons, Thomas, Abraham, and Isaac, all that tract of land lying at a place called (???), in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I leave to my wife Mary, a negro man, and an Indian woman. To my daughter Sarah, a negro girl. I leave to my son Joseph, 5 shillings over and above what I have formerly given him by deed of gift. I leave to my son William, 5 shillings besides what I gave him in West New Jersey. To my son John, 5 shillings and a negro boy. To my wife Mary, 1/2/ of the rest of my movables. To my daughter, Mary Shadwell, a negro girl. I leave to my daughters, Hanna Field, Mary Shadwell, Susanah Hedger, and Sara Thorn, 1/2/ of my movables. I make my wife and and my son Benjamin, executors.

Dated July 27, 1724. Witnesses, Thomas Farrington, Richard Laurence, John Haight. Proved, November 27, 1727.

He was married to Mary Bowne (daughter of John Bowne and Hannah Feake) about 1679. Marriage one Mary Bowne was born on 6 Jan 1660 in Flushing, Long Island, NY. She died in 1728 in Woodbridge, Somerset, NJ. Abstracts of Unrecorded Wills, Vol XI, Prior to 1790, pages 80 and 81:

I, Mary Thorne, of Flushing, in Queens County, widow of Joseph Thorne. June 20, 1726. In order to settle all worldly affairs, as much as in me lies, to prevent contention. I leave to my son Benjamin, my negro man Tom. Also all my share of that our waggon, and all implements of husbandry on the place where he now lives. All the rest of my estate to my seven children and granddaughter, viz.: my children, Thomas, Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Hannah, Mary, and Sarah, and my granddaughter, Elizabeth, daughter of Eliahim Hedger. I make my son Benjamin, and my brother, Samuel Bowne, executors.

Witnesses, John Haight, John Bowne, D. Humphries. Prove August 12, 1728. Joseph Thorne and Mary Bowne had the following children:

child+17 i. Hannah Thorne.
child+18 ii. Joseph Thorne.
child+19 iii. William Thorne.
child+20 iv. Mary Thorne.
child+21 v. Susannah Thorne.
child+22 vi. John Thorne.
child+23 vii. Thomas Thorne.
child+24 viii. Benjamin Thorne.
child+25 ix. Abraham Thorne.
child+26 x. Isaac Thorne.
child+27 xi. Jacob Thorne.
child+28 xii. Sarah Thorne.

He was married to Anna Lawrenson on 1 Feb 1672 in Long Island, NY.