1213. Zadoc Thorn was born on 28 Sep 1788 in Newburgh, Orange Co, NY. He died on 20 Mar 1865 in Hartland, Niagra Co, NY. He died at age 77. The cause of death was consumption or TB. Philip V. Thorne Notes:

According to Edmund Thorne Daughter Catherine Married Elias Powell. This could be a Grand Dtr.

Zadoc apparently was not a member of the Religious Society of Friends. He seems to be the only one of John Thorne's sons, to removed himself, entirely from the Orange County, NY area.

NOTE: 4 JAN 1998

Recently acquired FTM CD having Records of NY during the American Revolution; title says it covers 1775 to 1840; There is a Zadoc Thorn of record as being on the payroll of the state during this time in the group headed by a Col John Harper; exact unit designation not given but ALL officers & men are noted; this can only be this Zadoc Thorn; this may account for his move to the Niagara Falls area as grants of land were generally given with some degree of military service; his exact period of service & rank is not listed, but this has got to be Zadoc, son of John Thorne of Newburg (whose father-in-law was Zadoc Birdsall). There have NO traces of Zadoc Thorn in any of the Quaker records, this probably explains why. He was never a Quaker!!

He was married to Jane (Jennie) Redman about 1811 in New York. Jane (Jennie) Redman was born on 25 Jan 1791. She died on 27 Feb 1881 in North Tonawanda, NY. Zadoc Thorn and Jane (Jennie) Redman had the following children:

child1971 i. Mary Thorn was born in Orange Co, NY. She died. Died in infancy.
child+1972 ii. Catherine Thorn.
child+1973 iii. Nelson Thorn.
child+1974 iv. Hannah Thorne.
child1975 v. Emeline Thorne was born on 18 Oct 1823 in Orange Co, NY. She died in 1848. Age 22
child+1976 vi. Ursula Thorne.
child1977 vii. Minard Thorne was born on 24 May 1828 in Orange Co, NY. Edmund Thorne gives year of Birth as 1832
child+1978 viii. Daniel B. Thorne.
child1979 ix. John T. Thorne was born on 14 Apr 1836 in Niagra Co, NY. He was a farmer.